Handlers Etiquette


  1. All members are responsible for safety at the training venue, as well as the health and well being of every individual on site.
  2. All dogs need to be secure and safe from the time they arrive at the training grounds until time of departure. Suggested methods of containment are a crate, short stake out chain, chain gang, or a leash.
  3. No dogs shall be off leash unless being aired or involved in training session.
  4. All dogs will be kept quiet by what ever means necessary ( bark collar, figure 8, e-collar, etc.).
  5. Any dogs showing signs of aggression toward people or other dogs will be asked to leave grounds.
  6. All galleries will remain in designated area during training & testing. These areas will be set by Field Marshall. Please be respectful of each individuals training time.
  7. It is expected that each handler will pick up after their dog. All birds, carcasses, and trash is the responsibility of each individual participating in training. It should not be expected that someone else will take care of your disposables.
  8. Please park in designated areas to prevent vehicle damage to training grounds.

Any Member that is not following the above rules of handler etiquette will be asked to leave the training or testing grounds immediately!



2020 Training Dates

When Where What
Jan. 18th, 1 pm Clayton, NY Winter Training Day
Feb 22d, 1 pm Clayton, NY Winter Training Day
March 21st 1 pm Clayton, NY Winter Training Day
April 11th TBD Training day
April 25th TBD Training day
May 9th TBD Training day
May 24th TBD Training day
June 13th TBD Training day
June 27th TBD Testing day
June 28th TBD Testing day
July 11th TBD Training day
August 2d TBD Training day

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(**) Please bring small snack to share. Webfoot will supply coffee & water. Covered topics:1- invitational overview;
2- equipment overview- how to set up, properly use& store equipment;
3-gun safety.Please confirm your participation by e-mail to Martha Imperato
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Clayton, NY:
Mark Gowron’s & Martha Imperato’s
37355 Clayton Center Road
Clayton, NY 13624

For further information contact Martha Imperato